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Experience this unmissable three-zoned instructor-led, group workout that is personal to you and suitable for everybody with live heart rate tracking. Prepare to strengthen, tone, and burn up to 1,000 calories per class.

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You were born a warrior.
We have what it takes to make you a legend.


Reach your best with the ultimate HIIT workout.

We sweat together, we have fun together, we achieve together but you decide your intensity level. A workout that gets results for everyone.

One session.
Three elements.

During each session, your coach will guide you through our TRI training system:
  1. Treadmills – Heart-racing intervals.
  2. Resistance – Sculpting and toning.
  3. Intensity – Full-body blast with the Air Bikes.

Burn up to 1,000 calories per class.

High Intensity Interval Training is scientifically proven to burn more calories than any other training method.

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A fully connected experience.

Track your workouts with the SWEAT BAND 1.0 and our in-studio displays and see the results on the TRIB3 SWEAT app, anytime, anywhere.

“Since starting TRIB3 I have 100% gained friends for life.”

Lindsey Jones

“Hard work but we’ll worth it… gets you out of your comfort zone, different instructors, so class varies.”

Danny Warner

“An excellent gym with friendly, committed instructors. TRIB3 is a great class whether you are a beginner to health and fitness or if you’re more experienced.”

Adam Monks

The ultimate group workout in a
one-of-a-kind studio. Who’s in?

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